Znojmo and historical center

The town of Znojmo is an urban conservation area and provides visitors with a view of many historical monuments, some of which are also included in the list of cultural monuments in the Czech Republic.

Znojmo Castle - originally a Gothic castle, which rises above the Gránický valley and the Znojmo reservoir, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. In the 18th century the castle was rebuilt into a Baroque chateau and was of fundamental historical importance in the Přemyslid period. Part of the castle complex is also a rotunda of St. Catherine.

Rotunda of St. Catherine - Romanesque building from the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries, which offers a view of the murals from 1134, which depict the Přemyslid family reputation of princes and kings. Paintings are unique throughout the Romanesque art of Europe by their focus on state ideology.

Town Hall - the town hall tower is a dominant of the whole town and is one of the most important Gothic buildings in the Czech Republic. At its peak is also equipped with a gallery, from which you can see the whole city and in good visibility even to the Austrian Alps. The tower is open to visitors all year round.

St. Nicholas Church - originally a Romanesque church that was dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of merchants and merchants. The church combines the influence of Gothic and Baroque, and in addition to the breathtaking pulpit in the form of a globe, you can find here a neo-Gothic organ or exposed dead body of Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg.

Znojmo Underground - is one of the largest labyrinths in Central Europe. Their length is estimated to be about 27 km spanning four floors below the historic city center. The original function was to preserve agricultural products and later was an integral part of the fortress system. You can choose from several routes, including adrenaline or for children.


Podyji National Park

The Podyjí National Park boasts the status of the only national park in South Moravia. It covers 63 square kilometers along the Dyje River, which flows through the valley between Znojmo and Vranov nad Dyjí. The park offers countless hours of walking or cycling along many hiking and biking trails. Here you will find lush flora and fauna as well as beautiful romantic views that have their charm in every season. These include certainly Šobes u Hnánic, where you can also enjoy a delicious wine tasting, Kraví hora from which you will get the most beautiful view of the entire historic city of Znojmo, King's See again offers a vast valley with flowing river Thaya or Seasfield stone where the writer Charles Sealsfield was inspired and liked to meditate.


(Cycling) tourism

One of the most popular activities in general is cycling, which is abundant in the surroundings of Znojmo in the form of various cycling routes.

Among the best is the route Znojmo - Vrbovec - Dyjákovičky, to the Austrian Pulkautal. The route has several stops, where the first offers village Vrbovec, which lies 7km from Znojmo. Through this largest wine-growing village in the district, you can reach the small castle called Lampelberg on the Czech-Austrian border, which boasts the best views across the countryside, right through the vineyards. Another stop is certainly worth mentioning the church of Sv. Vitus in Dyjákovičky. There is also a widely used cycle path called Moravian Wine Trail in this village, where you will be enchanted by picturesque cellars and extensive vineyards through which you will pass directly to the Austrian Pulkautau. In Alberndorf and Hadres you can admire a romantic wine cellar alley with the Natura bird area to the north. These areas of our neighbors are considered to be some of the most beautiful, and if you love red wines, be sure not to miss the village of Haugsdorf, which is famous for these wines. In this basin there is also the well-known village of Mailberg, which will offer you the Buchberg peak with the Maltese castle or the church of St. Kunigunda from the 15th century. You can end your journey in one of the oldest market villages in the valley, Seefeld - Kadolz and Pernersdorf.


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